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MTC offers consultancy in learning and development of employees by training and need assessment of the employees, designing comprehensive plan for the trainings based upon the TNA for different category of employees on yearly basis in the field of, security and health and safety

Apart from training of employees, it offers consultation for the organizations in Security Audit, Loss prevention, Security survey, Emergency response Plan for (ERT team) and other related modules.

Well, how we approach the entire process:
MTC approaches the management of the organization with offer of taking care of the entire training process on yearly basis in the above mentioned field with capability to serve the client pan India level.

In the second step, our experts explain and demonstrate through power point presentation as to why and how we can help the organization in terms of understanding training requirement of the origination in security, health and safety and how our expertise in the said field can bring about a drastic change in the productivity of employees and their complete approach towards their job and the organization they are working for.

The second step deals with how to make a company run smoothly without any disruption to achieve its goal.

This focuses on Risk Assessment, Security Survey, Security Audit, Business Continuity Plan or(PLAN B) in case of Crisis Management it also focuses on safety and security of people, process and premises in case of any emergency, such as Earthquake, Bomb threat, Fire terrorist attacks through ERP training and the other modules mentioned above.

Of course, we have the expertise and experience to deliver what we have mentioned above; as we have experts who have been doing all this for the a large number of India’s well- known business houses across industries for last 20 years or so. Some of them have also done it in for international clients overseas. In spite of this, we are candid in saying that the entire process will not achieve its desired goals unless we get full support and involvement from the organization we wish to working together. So, the Admin/HR/Training and Learning ( whichever is the concerned dept) needs to play a pivotal role in the process especially, sharing inputs crucial for identifying and assessing Training Need of the employees of different profile, explaining to us management expectations, involving people from other departments as and when required ; helping us understand local factors having potential to affect business macro and micro environment, constraints limitations in operating in the existing environment. Of course, our experts will go deep into all these factors but the initial inputs are crucial.

As evident, this whole exercise could take from 2 to several man’s day depending upon how big the organization is and what business it is into. Once we come up with Training Need Assessment and including the other mandatory services like Risk Assessment , BCP , ERT ,Crisis Management just to name a few; we will submit the detailed proposal with consultancy offer on yearly basis:
Detailing the following
  • Number of training to be conducted
  • Type of training and the profile of prospective participants
  • Frequency of training to be conducted.
  • Measuring the actual outcome through quantification and qualitatively method.
  • Cost of the entire process if done in isolation
  • Cost of the entire process collectively
  • Our quotation for the same.
  • Return on Investment
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