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Emergency Response and Disaster Management Training Institute

In the ever increasing context of terrorism, organized crime, natural and man-made disasters, and emergency/crisis situations may arise at any time. International and home grown terrorism, organized crime, bomb threats and explosions, Fire and Earthquake assume serious dimensions. Following emergency situations may arise which would need to be dealt in a planned and systematic manner. These situations could be:
1. Bomb-threats & Explosion
2. Kidnap and Ransom
3. Fire prevention, detection, control and premises evacuation
4. Earth quake

Brief on the contents of the special Awareness-capsules on Emergency-responses to various situations along with Team-building are appended in succeeding paragraphs of this note.

Aim of the Awareness Capsules and Emergency Response Training is to minimize the risks, causalities to people and damage to property in case such incidents occur. It is proposed that these capsules should be attended by maximum people from management, staff, employees and even clients. Broad-contents of the Emergency Response Training would be as follows:-


1. Emergency Response to Terrorist’s Attack & Bomb Blasts
2. Fire Detection, Control and Premises Evacuation Plans
3. Earth Quake & Responses at Office, Malls, Home, Car and Public Places
4. Conduct of Awareness Capsules
The conduct shall be as follows:
  • Interactive discussion
  • Case Studies, live examples
  • Demonstration
  • Mock Drill
5. Retention Test / Follow Up
  • Small Objective Test after the Program, if necessary
  • Individual / Team-Competition
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