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Evacuation and Fire Safety Training Institute

We provide onsite training for Emergency Response Team to train them to respond and act in the event of Fire Firefighting and Evacuation


  • Fire Detection, Control and Premises Evacuation Plans
    • Introduction to Fire - Its Chemistry and Causes
    • Types of Fires and their Extinguishing Systems
    • Organization for Prevention, Control and Response to Fire-incidents.
    • Role and Tasks of Members of Fire Response Organization i.e. Wardens, Searchers, Security and Facility Services.
    • Drills for Response to Fire-incidents
    • Formulation of Premises Evacuation Plans
    • Preparation - Markings, Signage
    • Training - Wardens, Searchers, Medical Teams
    • Rehearsals - For Warden/Searchers and all Staff
    • Safety and Security Equipment required at the Premises
    • Medical Aid in Fire-incidents
  • First Response - Local Staff
  • Second response - Medical Aid Post
  • Specialized Response - Hospital
  • Demonstration on use of Fire-Control Equipment
  • Rehearsals and Practice


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