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Security Audit for Plants / Corporate Offices /Malls/Hospitals/Hotels
Security Audit is the process of finding out the gaps between actual functioning of the security system and the standard laid down in the security manual of a particular organization, in case, there is no such Manuel and clearly laid down policy in an organization, the bench mark should be the international standard in the same industry
The security audit is crucial to the smooth functioning of the organization in totality, and if ignored (if the gaps are left open) can disrupt the functioning of the organization and in some cases may result into such damage which could lead to the total breakdown of the system.

Security Audit also helps the management to assess and review the performance of their employees(esp.- security) as it clearly demonstrates what their actual performance is; and what their performance should have been as per their role and responsibilities set by the organization . It also highlights the constraints faced by their employees which they might have conveyed to the management but may not have got the due attention.

A time frame Security audits may help the organization saving millions of money by being in the know- how the organization is functioning; and how it must function .Thus rectifying and minimizing the threats and risks. Needless to say, for many industries it is a must in order to functions in to fulfill the compliance.
If the security audit is such an important thing so is the auditor. So, the most important factor is: who is coming to audit your organization? The person must have scores of similar audits to his credit and if the person has audited the organizations not only in India but he has several overseas assignments to his credit. There is nothing like it.

The security Audit may differ in process and approach depending upon, whether it is a manufacturing plant spread in km, a ware- house, a corporate office, a hospital a school and so on and so forth. But there are certain aspects which needs to be examines well such as:

1. Guarding Services: Evaluation of security systems, processes and Internal Controls established thereof.
2. Fire Safety: Evaluation of Fire Safety Procedures, Fire Prevention measures, Fire precautions (plans, systems and equipment) and Risk Assessment ofany issues that need attention.

1. Physical Security: The following parameters shall be assessed to verify the Procedures, process and controls.
Review the existing arrangement of security
Review the identification and classification system of workmen, staff and visitors at the gates and other entry points
Evaluate the maintenance of various registers being maintained at thegate and other duty points
Evaluate local orders for gates and other duty posts
Study perimeter security to ensure foolproof perimeter security
Study the systems of transaction of cash
Study procedure of storage of vital documents, records and drawings
Study requirement of installation of various kinds of sensors, alarms anddetectors to reinforce the physical security and to check an ideal mix ofmanpower and equipment for optimum efficiency and effectiveness

Study the existing communication system 2. Security of Information:
Procedures, Processes and Controls as hereunder
Shall be checked for their efficacy.
Study the flow of information within the organization
Level of security of information
Schedule for preparation, maintenance and destruction of documentscontaining classified informationIntelligence units within the company Pre- employment verification
Surveillance procedures

3. Security of Material:
Inventory control system- receipt, inspection, acceptance, storage and issue of materials
Maintenance of records quantity, place of storage etc.
System of storage and ways and means to reduce wastage/ loss
Storage and handling of finished products and its proper record keeping
System of operating of railway siding, transaction through railway sidingto avoid theft or loss.
System of maintaining records regarding movement of raw materials andfinished products at different points like Purchase, Accounts, and Stores
Multiplicity of maintenance of records at different places

4. Fire Protection
Fire Hazards
(a) Sources of ignition
(b) Sources of fuel
(c) Sources of oxygen

People at Risk
(a) People in and around the premises
(b) People especially at risk
Risks and their removal
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