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Mr. Md. Feroz Ahmad [Director and Business Head]
A management graduate in International Management, and Marketing with distinction from IAE, Poitier’s, University of Poitier’s, France (the second oldest university of France) coupled with his wide experience in the field of marketing, client acquisition and retention, his integrity, commitment and passion shown through his work ; acquired for himself a place of high regard in the mind of the leaders and policymakers of Security and Safety industry in India.
He has closely worked with the heads of a large number of companies across the industries from marketing leader in Automobile industry, Automobile ancillary industry, Real Estate leader, Multinational Pharmaceuticals companies, Smart Card Making organizations, petrochemicals and energy industry just to name a few.
During his span of four years in the Security and Safety industry, he felt India being a hub of all major international players, is far behind from other countries in terms of security, safety, health and environment issues. The reasons are of course umpteen its macro and micro environment being one of the constraints. But it is the resistance to change, and a laid back attitude towards Security/Safety of the management of a large number of companies cutting across the industries towards the field , is a major concern. Their attitude: “Security is being a cost to company; should be kept as low as possible”.
It is this experience which has led him to be one of the integral members of this organization which visualizes itself as not only the leading training company in India but penetrating international markets with a good chunk of market share overseas especially in middle eastern countries through Training Need Analysis, Imparting the training, assessment of the out come through qualitative and quantitative approach.

Mrs. R. Afshin [Director]
A brilliant performer throughout her academic years right from school to her Master, she did her MCA from IGNOU and entered the corporate world joining Wipro in their technical support team after her stint with the organization; she moved to a leading market research firm exclusively dealing with IT as Project Lead; where she got an opportunity to lead a team of 8 to 10 engineers/MBAs. She also worked as interface between the clients and the organization and begged the best employee awards several time. Having spent three years in the firm she moved to India’s best known company and market leader in IT Products and Services as Account Manager, Online Sales.
What makes her an invaluable professional is varied role she played in the all these organizations that accentuated her hunger for learning and facing new challenges on a day to day basis and coming out with the solutions through her out of the box thinking. The varied roles she played also gave her an insight into Sales, Marketing, Clients Relationship, besides technical expertise which she passionately shares with her team members. Her wide experiences in above fields and her passion for learning and keeping her up to date; makes her capable of understanding business as a whole rather than just the knowledge and expertise of one single field. In short, she has the making of a business leader.

Mr. Shahid Fateh [Additional Director]
An MA in Economics from Aligarh Muslim University and MBA in marketing, has over twenty years of experience to his credit. He started his career with Wilson Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. in Kolkata as Marketing Executive. After working for four years, shifting his base to Delhi, he joined Continental Commercial Co Ltd. and worked there for three years. Moving from there, he joined Pepsi and worked with them for four years while he was with them he had a major accident that led him to leaving the organization.
He has also worked for many NGOs based in Delhi as Principal Consultant. His wide experience and having faced almost all sort of challenges generally a corporate world thrust upon; makes him a great asset for the organizations. His insight and vision is invaluable to the organization

Mr. A.M. Raza [Adviser (IT)]
He started his career comparatively young after completing his graduation in Information Technology. Raza has achieved more than what his age says. He has been an IT Expert of high repute. The first company he worked with was IBM. He worked there for more than four years; learned the nuances of his chosen specialization making him the experts in the field. After his long stint with his first organization he joined Cap Gemini as consultant, then got offered from Polaris Singapore, and worked there for over a year It was then he was again approached by his previous employer IBM, and since then he is working with IBM Singapore as consultant. He is one of our key members whose advice and guidance gives the organization invaluable advice and keeping us updated with the latest IT technology being used at international arena by corporate, especially for Cyber Threats such as information security, hacking, corporate espionage using the existing employees of the competitors.
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